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About Something That I Think It’s Folk With Country And Blues…. I Think.

Hey, Long Time No See…

So, sometime ago I was traveling, that’s why I didn’t post some stuff here, but beign far from home, far from any kind of civilization (Yep, I’m beign dramatic.), far from finding good things on the internet (Ok, bad ones too i admit.) and posting them here, I needed to get creative.
Then I decided to download the Lastfm app to my ipod, Altough It took almost 30 min. to download (For people that dont understand shit about apps or apples, the regular download would take less than a minute.). But why ‘da fuck I did that? Hell, I ‘dunno, I was bored.

Actually with that app I found some good bands on that bar that says ‘You also may like…’ (I never trusted that bar…) . I showed sometime ago a guy called William Elliott Whitmore, folk and country singer, (Take a look at this song in case you dont know who am I talking about). On that ‘You may also like…’ I found some interesting things.

Mr. Scott H. Biram, I found something on his website that can resume himself and his work:

Biram ain’t no candy-ass singer/songwriter either, sweetly strumming songs about girls with big eyes and dusty highways.HELL NO!!!”

Described as the ‘dirty old one-man band’ Scott H. Byram is in the blues, country and Punk mood. (Yeah, That’s weird. In the begining. Then you see he matches punk with country very well.)Well, you can see him as a regular truckdriver in some forgoten piece of Texas,all by himself, drinkin’ some booze on a dirty old rusty bar by the highway, but he’s a horrific musician, really talented, and shows a lot of feelin’ on his presentations, I’ll put some good stuff on the links bellow.

Scott Plays Muddy Waters

Scott Showing Some Skills With A Harmonica.

I’ll Post other bands that I’ve found. But for now, I think you can enjoy Mr. Scott.


– Scott H. Biram Official Website.

– Scott H. Biram MySpace Profile.


One response

  1. chrs green

    oh yes – Scott H Biram, Konrad Wert, and William Elliott Whitmore are amazing. I’ve been lucky enough to see all 3 of them live at various times, and I must say if you ever have the luck to be within 3 states (or more) of where any of them are playing on any night, go for it!

    You definitely want to dowwload this (free, legal) live set from Mr Whitmore:

    here’s another artist worth checking out

    March 29, 2011 at 6:36 pm

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