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Well, I really don’t remember how i found this guy but when I found out it was like ‘Oh my fuckin’ God, did you just came up from the ground? ‘Cause I would have noticed you!’.

Born Eric San, (Wich for me is a great artistic name already, but… ), Kid Koala is a DJ and a Turtablist, something that I haven’t seen so far, yeah shame on me, very familiarized with scratching (That’s when you move the vinyl foward and backwards creating a very distinct sound and yet it can be manipulated by the artist. ) Koala makes his own music based on the most simple sounds that you can imagine, from people sneezing to a single-note trumpet. The versality of this guy make him very different from other artist around the world. In this video below, ‘Drunk Trumpet’ he uses basically two different tracks, one with a very smooth jazz. (That weirdly remember me of those Peanuts TV show.) And in the other corner he uses a single trumpet note, by alternating the pitch of the trumpet for example, he can give a new feelin’ to the song.

Besides beign a musician, Mr. San is also an illustrator. Until now he has realeased only one graphic novel, ‘Nufonia Must Fall’. Wich the most interesting factor is that the comic comes with a soundtrack, so that you can listen and keep track of the history. The drawing are very minimalist and the history must have a very simple and cute plot. (Well, It’s about a robot that falls in love with a girl, what do you want me to say?).

My favorite song of his is a ‘version’ that he made of Louis Armstrong’s ‘Basin Street Blues’. Oh I forgot to mention, Mr. San was raised originally as a clasical piano player, so sometimes by that influence, I presume, he has many blues and jazz touches in his songs, like ‘Basin Street Blues’ that I just mentioned. And other think that impressed me (C’mon how many DJ’s that
you know that plays jazz musics in his presentations, and make it as good as the original.) that in saw a photo in his website playing with Preservation Hall Jazz Band! Well if you don’t know them, they are a group of respectable musicians that intent to preservate the real jazz from New Orleans.

Well, here’s the video, enjoy.

– Kid Koala Website.

– An Interview With Kid Koala (More ’bout him and his works.).



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