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About Mr. Cash


Well, if you like some good music as I do, and often watch (I think listen is better.) your favorites bands musics on Youtube, you may often see on the commentaries something like this: ‘Fuck Justin Bieber! Why people don’t listen to this type of music anymore?’ (In case you know who Will Ferrell is click Here, and you will understand how he came close to ‘Fuck Justin Bieber’, not literally, please.) or even ‘Lady Gaga isn’t even close as sexy as Aretha Franklin, man and her voice… D:’ (Ok this one I made up, but I don’t doubt someone in the planet have tought of something like that.).

I think people that discuss about that should shut the fuck up, I mean really, like ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET A LIFE ,DUDE!’ , what’s the point of trying to do something you can’t change. Try to change someone taste for something.

You can’t make a girl stop listenin’ to JB because you say he’s a fag (Nothin’ against fags, dont report me to ‘cyber police’ please, it was a joke!), or you can’t say for your sister to stop watchin’ those Twilight movies just because you say that Bela seems to be on constant PSM and that she looks like she has diarrea every time that she sees a glowing butterfly crossing the street (Nothin’ againts butterflies either, just a joke!) . You ain’t gonna change that, the same way that someone is never going to change your opinion about a certain band that you like.


Well, but you must be asking (If you didn’t give up readin’ this post yet, you deserve a Congrat’s Champ’s.) WTH Johnny Cash has to do with it (Well if you hadn’t found out that it was ‘About Johnny Cash’ kill yourself you should start listening to Blues, then listen to Cash.) Well as i said, one of the many ‘Wars’ that I see on  the internet (And why not, in my life too.) wich one is better Old Bands Or New Bands? (Round One! Fight!). I really thinks thats Bullshit, I mean there’s really good bands around here today, look Audioslave, Eels, Imperial State Electric, Kings Of Convenience, Scroobius Pip Vs. Dan Le Sac, The Wave Pictures and so on on on… And You are still complaining.

And Johnny Cash, I decide to use him to show that this blog isn’t just about ‘new’ music,(And you’ll see, not at all!) , to those still ‘close-minded’. And why him? He is someone very important, not only for me, but to everyone that enjoy music nowadays, you can understand that his music is influence for many of the things that we have today, of course he wasn’t the only, there were the Blues before (And I will talk about it later!), but when you see the upcoming Blues and Country music in the late U.S.A. you’ll understand that he and many others were essential keys to what we have today.

Because of that importance he’s still remembered. Trough history, people can see that the only good ones, like him, remained, the bad ones were forgoten. And we all know, history repeats itself. So don’t worry.

Here’s the best song (In My Opinion Alert!) Of Johnny Cash (I said in my opinion, so don’t say ‘Oh no! This one is better!’ or ‘OMG, he choose the worst one!’)

PS.: I’ll put the drawing that i made of him later, need to ink it. If you like comics and want to know more abou Johnny Cash, I highly recomend ‘Johnny Cash:I See A Darkness’ By Richard Kleist.


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