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About College


College, the first step of Real Learning, or at least it should be.
Here in my country after high school, young little minds (Me included.) struggle to find its place in College. Most of them dont know that’s just the beggining, that moment when you throw the shit and it’s almost hitting the fan (When you get in, the shit finally hits the fan).
Some people that get trough may feel a little different in the middle of that world, different people, different obligations, and many other different stuff that i can’t think right now (Yeah, I’m just lazy so whatever.).

For me, especially, it was a good year, the first year at college, no big deal (My blog should be called ‘No Big Deal’  There isn’t a post that I don’t say it.). But, I didn’t made trough the second year, because of my grades and blah blah blah… BUT Especially For A Certain Teacher,I Won’t Be Sweating My Ass On This Year To Get To The Third Year Of Computer Science, I Will Need To Do The Same Grades That I Made Last Year Looking At Her FUCKIN’ SHITTY ASS FACE! (Altough there is a certain subject in wich i won’t bother at all to look at my professors boobs lessons another year). So yeah I’m a bit angry. And this drawing here (See Below, Not That Below) shows how angry I was. XD

Ps.: This Isn’t on my fake moleskine, but i took a photo and posted here with my ipod as I said I would do.



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