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About Banksy

Banksy became very famous after making up one of the entrance of the ‘The Simpsons’ TV show. (Click here in case you haven’t watched yet.). After beign released on the news that the episodes of the show were made by other companies from South Korea with low-cost workforce, Banksy created a storyboard for one of the most popular entraces of the TV, satirazing the situation of the company and in a special and unique way of Protest.

Protest is a common word to describe Banksy style of art, most of his works involve the thematic. But it’s a way fo protest that makes you wonder and, in a certain way, admire, it’s not like manifestations as ‘Abolish Animal Labor Working Now!’ or  ‘Hey! Spare That Change To Help The Millions of Starving Monkeys On Brazil!’.
This artist is responsible for one of the most considerable revolution in pop culture in the last few years. Even tough he was not the first, (Check Bleck Le Rat.) He was the most controversial one, the most polemic.

His works are made basically with stencils and spray tint, (Even tough I said ‘basically’  it’s not really basic, not at all, and yes, I’ve tried to make some stuff with that too, and no, They weren’t even close to what he does.) all of his drawings have a high level of creativity, sarcasm and ‘feeling’.

The Simpsons Incident was not his first apearence beyond the walls and signs around the World, he made some ‘changes’ on paintings, sculptures in the Museum of Modern Art, in the Bristol Museum, and many others, adding his own point of view.
He also used to make some other ‘changes’ on advertisements of the nem album of
Paris Hilton.

You can see many of his works aroud the internet (After all, he couldn’t be past unnoticed after all this polemics he created.).
For some, he is considered nothing less than a punk, other think he just think in a different way, some admit he’s a genius, well for me, he’s Banksy.

Ps.: For those who are a little bit more curious about his ‘modus operandi’ can check out his recently released movie ‘Exit Trough The Gift Shop’, in wich a french-maniac-for-cameras-that-has-a-very-frenchie-moustache films many street artist around his epic journey of… filming people. Including Banksy and Obey.

Banksy Official Gallery

Exit Trough The Gift Shop Trailer


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