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About My First Drawing Post

Zombie One (Sorry, but i like zombies.(Or should I say, ‘Fuck You! I like zombies’))

Well, as I said, I’ll take the photo with my ipod (So explains the bad quality… Ok, I’m not that good artist too.)

Well, when you read Walkin’ Dead, by Robert Kirkman, you can NOT be NOT amazed (that sound weird…). I havent finished reading yet, but as far as I reached its an amazing story about human behavior is desperate situations, about caring for your loved ones, about survival, about present and future, and specially, death. All this amazes people in a way never seen before (Cliché moment!).
But yeah I’m serious, buy the comic book, download i don’t know, just enjoy it :D.

Inspired by all these stuff I made this up, isnt ‘serious’ like Walking Dead story, but it’s a nice beginnin’.


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