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About Mac Vs. PC

Hey, was up, pudding cup? (I forgot to say ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ on my last post!)

Well I’m not a huge apple fan, I just had three ipods, no big deal, but this commercials… Mac FTW.
Most of my life I’ve been a Windows user, if you are or were (Lucky you.) too You’ll see many of these ‘jokes’ are actually true. Sadly.


These collection of videos are nothing less than reasons to buy a Mac instead of a PC put into a time line.
Most of them makes you wish you were seeing this post on a Mac. (Yes! I wished to be typing this post on a Mac too… Lets just hope this ‘wish’ gets overwhelmed by bugs, failures, blue screens and other shitty stuff that insist to blossom in my Windows SHIT garden -Home Edition-!)

This commercial I saw on Brainstorm #9 (Portuguese)



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