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About Daytrotter


Some of the bands that i may post here come from this website.

Daytrotter basically the recording studio Horseshack, wich sessions are made of emerging indie bands around Rock Island, Illinois.
Some bands are like ‘never heard about’, and most of them are of a great quality (The process of recording the sessions are analog with no editing, nor overdubbing)  , showing that they have a great potential in a more professional style.

So maybe you’ll see that some bands seem to have the same sound than the others, or some bad quality recording, but you need to see the true potential to these artists, some of then (That I really like) i’ll show it here.
The original stuff that i found.

The Dodos – Silly name, but great band!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – Another silly name, Another great band!

William Elliot Withmore – Banjo!

I bet you’ll find some stuff there too. ;D



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