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About Something That I Think It’s Folk With Country And Blues…. I Think. Part 2

Hey was’ up?

My last Post was about some artist that I have picked up on the ‘You may also like…’ on the lastfm toolbar.
It was Mr. Biram. (In case you haven’t seen that post, shoot yourself  in the head, read it, especially if you like Blues, Country Or Bluegrass. In case you don’t like skip this and that post. Seriously.) One of the greatest Blues musicians nowadays. You know, he has a lot of influence from one of the greatest Mr. Muddy Waters.
But now I’m gonna talk about Possessed By Paul James, Mr. Wert. Korand Wert. (Yes I’m Cliché, and Fuck You.)
Raised by a preacher father and a piano player mother, Konrad Wert, became one of the most talented bluegrass players on the Underground void of music around America. The influences from it’s parents can be perfectly seen, the strong words in the lyrics and the musicality (Weird word alarm.) taken from the mother. (Even though he plays Guitar and Fiddle.) It is normal to listen to growling and barking in some of his stuff, but this doesen’t sound weird, it gives some music a nice taste of ferocity. (That sounded gay… Nothing against gays! As if a gay reads my blog… As if anyone read my blog o.o (Forever Alone Moment Holy Shit!))

I couldn’t find many info or music around about this one man band, (Of couse you asshole, you just said ‘Underground void’ , Yeah I know.) so i’ll just put the favorite ones that I found;

Possessed by Paul James – No Windows. My favorite, The music starts around 2:00, In case you don’t give a shit, In case you are lazy.

Possessed by Paul James (As if I was gonna post a Lady Gaga video over here -.-) – Should Have Known Better.

-Possessed By Paul James Website.

-Possessed By Paul James MySpace.



About Something That I Think It’s Folk With Country And Blues…. I Think.

Hey, Long Time No See…

So, sometime ago I was traveling, that’s why I didn’t post some stuff here, but beign far from home, far from any kind of civilization (Yep, I’m beign dramatic.), far from finding good things on the internet (Ok, bad ones too i admit.) and posting them here, I needed to get creative.
Then I decided to download the Lastfm app to my ipod, Altough It took almost 30 min. to download (For people that dont understand shit about apps or apples, the regular download would take less than a minute.). But why ‘da fuck I did that? Hell, I ‘dunno, I was bored.

Actually with that app I found some good bands on that bar that says ‘You also may like…’ (I never trusted that bar…) . I showed sometime ago a guy called William Elliott Whitmore, folk and country singer, (Take a look at this song in case you dont know who am I talking about). On that ‘You may also like…’ I found some interesting things.

Mr. Scott H. Biram, I found something on his website that can resume himself and his work:

Biram ain’t no candy-ass singer/songwriter either, sweetly strumming songs about girls with big eyes and dusty highways.HELL NO!!!”

Described as the ‘dirty old one-man band’ Scott H. Byram is in the blues, country and Punk mood. (Yeah, That’s weird. In the begining. Then you see he matches punk with country very well.)Well, you can see him as a regular truckdriver in some forgoten piece of Texas,all by himself, drinkin’ some booze on a dirty old rusty bar by the highway, but he’s a horrific musician, really talented, and shows a lot of feelin’ on his presentations, I’ll put some good stuff on the links bellow.

Scott Plays Muddy Waters

Scott Showing Some Skills With A Harmonica.

I’ll Post other bands that I’ve found. But for now, I think you can enjoy Mr. Scott.


– Scott H. Biram Official Website.

– Scott H. Biram MySpace Profile.

About Kid Koala



Well, I really don’t remember how i found this guy but when I found out it was like ‘Oh my fuckin’ God, did you just came up from the ground? ‘Cause I would have noticed you!’.

Born Eric San, (Wich for me is a great artistic name already, but… ), Kid Koala is a DJ and a Turtablist, something that I haven’t seen so far, yeah shame on me, very familiarized with scratching (That’s when you move the vinyl foward and backwards creating a very distinct sound and yet it can be manipulated by the artist. ) Koala makes his own music based on the most simple sounds that you can imagine, from people sneezing to a single-note trumpet. The versality of this guy make him very different from other artist around the world. In this video below, ‘Drunk Trumpet’ he uses basically two different tracks, one with a very smooth jazz. (That weirdly remember me of those Peanuts TV show.) And in the other corner he uses a single trumpet note, by alternating the pitch of the trumpet for example, he can give a new feelin’ to the song.

Besides beign a musician, Mr. San is also an illustrator. Until now he has realeased only one graphic novel, ‘Nufonia Must Fall’. Wich the most interesting factor is that the comic comes with a soundtrack, so that you can listen and keep track of the history. The drawing are very minimalist and the history must have a very simple and cute plot. (Well, It’s about a robot that falls in love with a girl, what do you want me to say?).

My favorite song of his is a ‘version’ that he made of Louis Armstrong’s ‘Basin Street Blues’. Oh I forgot to mention, Mr. San was raised originally as a clasical piano player, so sometimes by that influence, I presume, he has many blues and jazz touches in his songs, like ‘Basin Street Blues’ that I just mentioned. And other think that impressed me (C’mon how many DJ’s that
you know that plays jazz musics in his presentations, and make it as good as the original.) that in saw a photo in his website playing with Preservation Hall Jazz Band! Well if you don’t know them, they are a group of respectable musicians that intent to preservate the real jazz from New Orleans.

Well, here’s the video, enjoy.

– Kid Koala Website.

– An Interview With Kid Koala (More ’bout him and his works.).


About Nonsense


This post has nothing to do with music or drawin’ , but I had to put these things here.
If you have an ipod, iphone or an ipad, download this app Demotivational , I bet you’ve seen some of these on the internet, you’ll find some pics like these.

Sense, some stuff in life doesen’t make, so get used to it.

For more nonsense like this:


– (One of the best sites of nonsense that I’ve ever seen!) (Actually, This is a very well known site.)


About Mr. Cash


Well, if you like some good music as I do, and often watch (I think listen is better.) your favorites bands musics on Youtube, you may often see on the commentaries something like this: ‘Fuck Justin Bieber! Why people don’t listen to this type of music anymore?’ (In case you know who Will Ferrell is click Here, and you will understand how he came close to ‘Fuck Justin Bieber’, not literally, please.) or even ‘Lady Gaga isn’t even close as sexy as Aretha Franklin, man and her voice… D:’ (Ok this one I made up, but I don’t doubt someone in the planet have tought of something like that.).

I think people that discuss about that should shut the fuck up, I mean really, like ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET A LIFE ,DUDE!’ , what’s the point of trying to do something you can’t change. Try to change someone taste for something.

You can’t make a girl stop listenin’ to JB because you say he’s a fag (Nothin’ against fags, dont report me to ‘cyber police’ please, it was a joke!), or you can’t say for your sister to stop watchin’ those Twilight movies just because you say that Bela seems to be on constant PSM and that she looks like she has diarrea every time that she sees a glowing butterfly crossing the street (Nothin’ againts butterflies either, just a joke!) . You ain’t gonna change that, the same way that someone is never going to change your opinion about a certain band that you like.


Well, but you must be asking (If you didn’t give up readin’ this post yet, you deserve a Congrat’s Champ’s.) WTH Johnny Cash has to do with it (Well if you hadn’t found out that it was ‘About Johnny Cash’ kill yourself you should start listening to Blues, then listen to Cash.) Well as i said, one of the many ‘Wars’ that I see on  the internet (And why not, in my life too.) wich one is better Old Bands Or New Bands? (Round One! Fight!). I really thinks thats Bullshit, I mean there’s really good bands around here today, look Audioslave, Eels, Imperial State Electric, Kings Of Convenience, Scroobius Pip Vs. Dan Le Sac, The Wave Pictures and so on on on… And You are still complaining.

And Johnny Cash, I decide to use him to show that this blog isn’t just about ‘new’ music,(And you’ll see, not at all!) , to those still ‘close-minded’. And why him? He is someone very important, not only for me, but to everyone that enjoy music nowadays, you can understand that his music is influence for many of the things that we have today, of course he wasn’t the only, there were the Blues before (And I will talk about it later!), but when you see the upcoming Blues and Country music in the late U.S.A. you’ll understand that he and many others were essential keys to what we have today.

Because of that importance he’s still remembered. Trough history, people can see that the only good ones, like him, remained, the bad ones were forgoten. And we all know, history repeats itself. So don’t worry.

Here’s the best song (In My Opinion Alert!) Of Johnny Cash (I said in my opinion, so don’t say ‘Oh no! This one is better!’ or ‘OMG, he choose the worst one!’)

PS.: I’ll put the drawing that i made of him later, need to ink it. If you like comics and want to know more abou Johnny Cash, I highly recomend ‘Johnny Cash:I See A Darkness’ By Richard Kleist.

About College


College, the first step of Real Learning, or at least it should be.
Here in my country after high school, young little minds (Me included.) struggle to find its place in College. Most of them dont know that’s just the beggining, that moment when you throw the shit and it’s almost hitting the fan (When you get in, the shit finally hits the fan).
Some people that get trough may feel a little different in the middle of that world, different people, different obligations, and many other different stuff that i can’t think right now (Yeah, I’m just lazy so whatever.).

For me, especially, it was a good year, the first year at college, no big deal (My blog should be called ‘No Big Deal’  There isn’t a post that I don’t say it.). But, I didn’t made trough the second year, because of my grades and blah blah blah… BUT Especially For A Certain Teacher,I Won’t Be Sweating My Ass On This Year To Get To The Third Year Of Computer Science, I Will Need To Do The Same Grades That I Made Last Year Looking At Her FUCKIN’ SHITTY ASS FACE! (Altough there is a certain subject in wich i won’t bother at all to look at my professors boobs lessons another year). So yeah I’m a bit angry. And this drawing here (See Below, Not That Below) shows how angry I was. XD

Ps.: This Isn’t on my fake moleskine, but i took a photo and posted here with my ipod as I said I would do.


About Banksy

Banksy became very famous after making up one of the entrance of the ‘The Simpsons’ TV show. (Click here in case you haven’t watched yet.). After beign released on the news that the episodes of the show were made by other companies from South Korea with low-cost workforce, Banksy created a storyboard for one of the most popular entraces of the TV, satirazing the situation of the company and in a special and unique way of Protest.

Protest is a common word to describe Banksy style of art, most of his works involve the thematic. But it’s a way fo protest that makes you wonder and, in a certain way, admire, it’s not like manifestations as ‘Abolish Animal Labor Working Now!’ or  ‘Hey! Spare That Change To Help The Millions of Starving Monkeys On Brazil!’.
This artist is responsible for one of the most considerable revolution in pop culture in the last few years. Even tough he was not the first, (Check Bleck Le Rat.) He was the most controversial one, the most polemic.

His works are made basically with stencils and spray tint, (Even tough I said ‘basically’  it’s not really basic, not at all, and yes, I’ve tried to make some stuff with that too, and no, They weren’t even close to what he does.) all of his drawings have a high level of creativity, sarcasm and ‘feeling’.

The Simpsons Incident was not his first apearence beyond the walls and signs around the World, he made some ‘changes’ on paintings, sculptures in the Museum of Modern Art, in the Bristol Museum, and many others, adding his own point of view.
He also used to make some other ‘changes’ on advertisements of the nem album of
Paris Hilton.

You can see many of his works aroud the internet (After all, he couldn’t be past unnoticed after all this polemics he created.).
For some, he is considered nothing less than a punk, other think he just think in a different way, some admit he’s a genius, well for me, he’s Banksy.

Ps.: For those who are a little bit more curious about his ‘modus operandi’ can check out his recently released movie ‘Exit Trough The Gift Shop’, in wich a french-maniac-for-cameras-that-has-a-very-frenchie-moustache films many street artist around his epic journey of… filming people. Including Banksy and Obey.

Banksy Official Gallery

Exit Trough The Gift Shop Trailer

About Mac Vs. PC

Hey, was up, pudding cup? (I forgot to say ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ on my last post!)

Well I’m not a huge apple fan, I just had three ipods, no big deal, but this commercials… Mac FTW.
Most of my life I’ve been a Windows user, if you are or were (Lucky you.) too You’ll see many of these ‘jokes’ are actually true. Sadly.


These collection of videos are nothing less than reasons to buy a Mac instead of a PC put into a time line.
Most of them makes you wish you were seeing this post on a Mac. (Yes! I wished to be typing this post on a Mac too… Lets just hope this ‘wish’ gets overwhelmed by bugs, failures, blue screens and other shitty stuff that insist to blossom in my Windows SHIT garden -Home Edition-!)

This commercial I saw on Brainstorm #9 (Portuguese)


About My First Drawing Post

Zombie One (Sorry, but i like zombies.(Or should I say, ‘Fuck You! I like zombies’))

Well, as I said, I’ll take the photo with my ipod (So explains the bad quality… Ok, I’m not that good artist too.)

Well, when you read Walkin’ Dead, by Robert Kirkman, you can NOT be NOT amazed (that sound weird…). I havent finished reading yet, but as far as I reached its an amazing story about human behavior is desperate situations, about caring for your loved ones, about survival, about present and future, and specially, death. All this amazes people in a way never seen before (Cliché moment!).
But yeah I’m serious, buy the comic book, download i don’t know, just enjoy it :D.

Inspired by all these stuff I made this up, isnt ‘serious’ like Walking Dead story, but it’s a nice beginnin’.

About Daytrotter


Some of the bands that i may post here come from this website.

Daytrotter basically the recording studio Horseshack, wich sessions are made of emerging indie bands around Rock Island, Illinois.
Some bands are like ‘never heard about’, and most of them are of a great quality (The process of recording the sessions are analog with no editing, nor overdubbing)  , showing that they have a great potential in a more professional style.

So maybe you’ll see that some bands seem to have the same sound than the others, or some bad quality recording, but you need to see the true potential to these artists, some of then (That I really like) i’ll show it here.
The original stuff that i found.

The Dodos – Silly name, but great band!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – Another silly name, Another great band!

William Elliot Withmore – Banjo!

I bet you’ll find some stuff there too. ;D